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Hey there! ^^ I'm Pida and like the most of us just here for a visit on this planet. I came out of the black whole inside of Germany. My pleasure is to show myself with artworx like psychedelic flyers and cd-covers,listen to fine dark psychedelic tunes, piano music n a lot of other musics and learn how to become a good DJ and in near future a producer. I love the wind and to feel the powerfull waves under my feets when I'm One with the ocean and out of time. The fire makes me addicted in connection with magical moon. Sometimes I don't really undertstand the people and sometimes I like it to be alone and have just peace in my head. I would like to meet my mother. I hope that its coming true and that I'm not disapointed of her.To have a father named asshole is enough!
Enjoy whatever you are doing cause life is beautiful when we let it be.. ;-) And try before die!!! Cheers boom bang! Pida de Vida. hare ja. Ps.: If you like to have a flyer for your parties or a CD-cover, don't be too shy to ask me. I'm open for your ideas in art! Just leave me some words in a message and we will see, what we can do! Suprise suprise...



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